“Big data” will not change the world unless it is collected and synthesized into tools that have a public benefit.


The Civic Data Design Lab works with data to understand it for public good. We seek to develop alternative practices which can make the work we do with data and images richer, smarter, more relevant, and more responsive to the needs and interests of citizens traditionally on the margins of policy development. In this practice we experiment with and develop data visualization and collection tools that allow us to highlight urban phenomena. Our methods borrow from the traditions of science and design by using spatial analytics to expose patterns and communicating those results, through design, to new audiences.


We are a group of multidisciplinary researchers enthusiastic about the intersection of data, design and city.

Sarah Williams




Pierre Beaudreau
Jon Campbell
Liqun Chen
Phil Cheng
Erica Deahl
Lee Dwyler
Emily Eros
Dennis Harvey
Billy Ndengeyingoma
Rida Qadri
Changping Chen
Armin Akhavan
Karuna Mehta
Lindiwe Rennert
Elizabeth Resor
Jonah Rogoff
Alicia Rouault
Chris Van Alstyne
Qianqian Zhang
Jessica Carolyn Myers
Samantha Rebecca Cohen
Yi Li
Andres Achury
IN MEMORY OF KATE GOLDSTEIN, friend and research collaborator who tragically passed away:
Kate Goldstein passed away in 2014 during a energy workshop in India. Kate's death deeply saddened everyone at the Lab, and her enthusiasm and positive energy will be greatly missed.


The courses offered by Civic Data Design Lab.




We are always seeking talents for RA positions, and currently we are looking for a post doc to work with us. Please don't hesitate to contact us!



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